Try a manifestation box instead of a vision board

I think most of us have heard of or even tried a vision board, but what about a manifestation box? These are also called prayer boxes, creation boxes and magic boxes. Welcome to Week six of my Tools for your Spiritual Journey Series.

The idea behind the manifestation box is similar to a vision board, in that, you want to fill it with your intention for the things you would like to bring into your life.

I was first introduced to prayer boxes about nine years ago through Melodie Beattie. The same basic principle applied. To find or create a beautiful box or jar that you love looking at and then fill it with prayers for yourself, loved ones and even those who may be pushing your buttons.

How to create a manifestation box:

I purchased a pretty box from my local craft supply store for $5. If you find something absolutely perfect, then feel free to leave it as is. I definitely wanted to add my own creative flair to the box I purchased.

Manifestation box before


I decorated the inside of my creation box with money, cold hard cash! The reason, of course, is that I want to attract more money into my life. At just under $3, this didn’t break bank. If you feel inspired to use fiftys instead of ones, by all means, go for it!

I also added a bit of color to the top of the box. Multi-colored Sharpies worked out wonderful for this purpose. I also added a few gray pearls and a few chips of peridot to the lid.

A bit of ribbon around the lip of the lid and more crystals on the front face and this box was starting to feel like it is my own. I chose a nice sized citrine, some smaller garnet and more peridot chips, all good crystals for attracting money.

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love, so I included a couple of heart-shaped stones. After placing some Mother of pearl leaves to protect, instill calm and stimulate intuition, I was happy with the energy of my manifestation box.

Manifestation box after

Add at least one affirmation to your magic box.

By writing a positive affirmation right on the box itself, you are setting a powerful intention for the use of the box. It can be as simple as I Believe or it can be an entire prayer.

I had five open surfaces left to add my affirmations. This included the bottom of the box and the underside of the lid. I decided to use them all! Positive affirmations are one of my favorite tools. I wrote a post about using them for Week Three of this series.

If coming up with your own affirmation is difficult, I recommend anything from Louise Hay. I love this one:

I am totally and completely supported by the Universe.

Or you may borrow one of mine if it speaks to you. Here are the five affirmations I used on my manifestation box.

I now accept and appreciate the abundance the Universe offers me.

I am worthy of my dreams!

Thank you God for this bountiful life, for things given and things not yet received.

I am prosperous beyond my wildest dreams!

I am the sole creator of my reality.

What goes inside the manifestation box?

There are a couple of different ways to do this. One way is vision board style. Fill the box with photos and magazine clippings of the things you want to manifest. This can work quite well for a car, a dream home, a vacation or a puppy.

You could also add poems, keepsakes or mementos. If you haven’t adorned your box with crystals, as I have, try placing one inside your magic box to amplify the manifesting power. Clear Quartz is a wonderful amplifier. For more ways to use crystals, see my post on The Energy of Crystals.

This method requires looking through the contents of the box daily. It is also recommended to act as if you already have what you desire. Think about how it would feel to you and try that feeling on for size. Then start wearing that feeling as consistently as you can.

Let’s call the second method Ask, believe and receive. This is my choice. The idea is to ask for what you desire, believe without a shadow of a doubt that the Universe will provide for you and let it go. Forget about it. It’s done and on its way. This is also how a prayer box would work.

I chose one sheet of stationary paper for each manifestation. On that sheet I wrote what I wished to attract and the reasons I wanted it in my life. An example might be;

I will to increase my current income by fifty percent. With this increased income, I will feed my family organic foods, send my child to college, have the means to provide proper medical care for my family, see parts of the world I only dream about now and donate much more money to charity.

Gratitude and Love Jars

The idea of a manifestation box can be utilized in other ways as well. I think a gratitude jar would be awesome. Decorate a jar and then write things you are thankful for on scraps of paper to fill the jar. Then, whenever you are down or having a less than wonderful day, pull out your gratitude jar and smile because you have so much to be grateful for!

I can only think of one better way to lift my spirits, and that would be the Love jar my son made for me about five years ago. He was only six years old then. My jar is glass and decorated with the words I Love You.

Love jar

Inside the jar is the best surprise. Little love notes on small pieces of paper. One says “U are super,” another says “#1, ” and one has hearts drawn on it. This is such a sweet idea for kids, or anyone really. What a great vibration booster!

Most importantly, have fun with this! That is what it is all about.

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Thank you for reading!!


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