What is Mirror Work and how can it help me?

Hi. Welcome to Week four of my Tools for your Spiritual Journey series. I am so happy you’re here. This week’s post is about Mirror Work. This is the perfect follow-up to last week’s post on affirmations.

What is Mirror Work exactly?

Mirror work is a very powerful practice for your journey that basically involves saying affirmations to yourself in a mirror. This may sound hokey to many of you and downright frightening to others.

Of all of the tools I now use, this one is my favorite and it also the practice I always show up for. I do this everyday, without fail. I believe mirror work is absolutely key to learning to truly love who you are.

Louise Hay was famous for practicing and teaching mirror work. She is the author of many books on the subject. She says “mirror work is the most effective method I have found for learning to love yourself and see the world as a safe and loving place.”

Robert Holden, Ph.D, was a student of Louise Hay who has taken up the teaching of mirror work himself. Robert says “you won’t find what you have been looking for until you look in the mirror.” And I couldn’t agree more.

Who can benefit by practicing mirror work?

I think everyone can gain more appreciation of self by doing this work. Those who suffer from low self-worth or low self-esteem will certainly benefit from doing this practice on a regular basis.

If you cringe at the thought of looking into your own eyes and saying “I am beautiful” or “I am smart”, “I am worthy”, or Louise’s favorite, “I am loveable”, then mirror work is definitely for you.

Do this! Face your fear. You are so much more than you believe!

Are you in? Awesome!

I was first introduced to mirror work in Janet Conner’s book, Writing down your soulThis is a wonderful place to start for many of the tools in this series of posts. In her book she encourages you to start by looking in the mirror and telling yourself “I am precious, I am important”.

She admits that this was too much for her when she began and had to kind of side glance at the mirror to get the words out. After much practice, however, she was able to look at herself straight on and say the words. Just as you will be able to if you keep at it.

I began my own mirror work with “I am beautiful”. For me this is not so much about physical beauty as it is seeing my inner beauty. I do believe that most of us focus on our flaws when we look in the mirror and telling ourselves we are beautiful, sexy, gorgeous or handsome can shift the focus off of what we consider to be less than desirable.

Shortly after starting my mirror work practice, I listened to the audio book Life Loves You by Robert Holden and Louise Hay. Now I was really hooked. This stuff works!

Learning from the best…

Louise Hay says “positive affirmations plant healing thoughts and ideas that support you in developing self-confidence and self-esteem, and creating peace of mind and inner joy.

Robert Holden offers his loving yourself free video series, focusing on mirror work. I have watched the entire series and I highly recommend. I tweaked my own practice to incorporate some of what I learned from Robert in this series. As he begins the first video, he says

“The one piece of equipment you need is a mirror. Any mirror will do. Make sure you give it a good polish before you begin. You are about to meet the most important person in your life”.

I love that! It is so true. Truly loving anyone else is not possible until you can learn to truly love yourself. Once you have done that, everything else will begin to fall into place.

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Thank you for reading!

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