Pay attention to your inner guidance

Inside each and every one of us is the ability to answer every question we have ever asked. The key is to learn to pay attention to your inner guidance. Our intuition will point the way.

Unfortunately this can be challenging. Welcome to Week seven of my Tools for your Spiritual Journey series. This is the final post in the series. Yeah! I set this goal for myself because I tend to procrastinate and fear deadlines. I did it!

Listen to your hunches, pay attention to your intuition, do not dismiss your random thoughts, inspirations or ideas…They could be giving you the best advice you ever had.     Neale Donald Walsh

Pay attention to what your inner voice has to say.

We all have an inner voice, a higher wisdom speaking to us all the time. Attempting to lead us down our appropriate paths. In there with that higher voice, we also have an inner critic.

Usually, the inner critic has the last say. Why are we so eager to grab onto the negative thoughts we have rather than our inspiration? Because that is what we have been trained to do, by our parents, our teachers, and our society. It’s not their fault, they were trained that way as well.

Listen closely for your spirit is always speaking to you. Pay attention to what inspires you as that is your internal guidance. If it stirs your soul and excites you, it’s probably meant for you to do.   Shari Alyse

It’s time to break free from your inner critic so you can pay attention to your inner guidance instead!

We can do all of the meditation, daily soul writing, positive affirmations, mirror work, crystal energy work and manifestation boxes we want and none will do any good if we allow our inner critic to squash our inner wisdom.

The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.   Keanu Reeves

To pay attention to your inner guidance you must trust and believe that you are indeed being guided (you are), that anything is possible (it is), and that you have the power to both access and achieve it (you do).

Intuition: God whispering the answer to you.   Unknown

What we tend to think of as our rational mind is most likely our inner critic. The voice that continually tells us we aren’t good enough, it can’t be done, that idea is no good and society won’t accept it.

“If it looks right but feels wrong, it’s fear. If it looks wrong but feels right, it’s intuition.”

Be creative and follow your joy. We are here to create. If your inner voice is pushing you to do something creative, pay attention to your inner guidance! Sing, dance, write, paint, invent, build, take pictures or make music. Definitely do that!

Act on your inner guidance, and give up your need for “proof” that your inner guidance is authentic. The more you ask for proof, the less likely you are to receive any.   Caroline Myss

I started this blog because I was being guided to write. As I continued using my tools I began exploring the energy of crystals and most recently, I am making jewelry with crystals.

Discover what lights you up and do that.

What sets your soul on fire? What spreads a smile across your face so wide the corners of your mouth kiss your ear lobes? Answer these questions and you will know what lights you up. Then do that, create that.

Lastly, if you don’t know if it is your higher wisdom or your inner critic guiding you, act anyway. Just do it. If the idea turns out to not be for you, it will fall away. If it was true inspiration, it will thrive and flourish.

Trust, believe, surrender, do.

Thank you for reading! You are magnificent!