Use Positive Affirmations to Kick the Negative Self-talk Habit

Use positive affirmations to kick negative self-talk to the curb

Welcome to week three of seven of my Tools for your spiritual journey series. I am so happy you are here. This week’s tool is positive affirmations.

What are positive affirmations and negative self-talk?

Each of us has an inner monologue going on constantly inside our heads. We may not even realize this is happening. This is our self-talk and it seems to never run out of gas.

Unfortunately most us engage in much more negative self-talk than positive.  Thinking or even saying things like “I’m not good enough, smart enough or attractive enough to accomplish that.”

We are usually our own worst critics. And sometimes our inner voice can be a real asshole! Negative self-talk can become a habit and it can create troublesome issues in our lives. Anxiety, low self-esteem and even depression can stem from the way we talk to ourselves.

That is where daily positive affirmations can help. An affirmation is the assertion that something exists or is true. We are always affirming something with every thought we think and every word we say.

An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change.    Louise L. Hay

Why do positive affirmations work?

Our subconscious mind believes whatever we tell it. It can’t and won’t differentiate between the good and the bad. If we can change the words, we can change the way we feel.

Louise Hay explains in her book Experience your good nowthat when you state an affirmation, you are really saying to your subconscious mind: ‘I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I can do to change.’

It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”    Claude M. Bristol

Just because you have negative self-talk going on does not mean you are a bad person or wrong in any way. We all do it. It is time to stop doing it. Kick the guilt to the curb. You are an amazing, beautiful, miracle of life. Treat yourself gently and with love. You do not deserve your own abuse.

How to get started with positive affirmations:

The first step is to recognize your negative thought patterns. What are you saying to yourself? I’ve found the practice of meditation to be the easiest way for me to become more aware of my thoughts.

I wrote about meditation in Week One of this series. You can check out that post if you are interested in seeing what starting a meditation practice can do for you.

My introduction to affirmations was through Janet Conner and her book Writing Down Your SoulI mention her in my post for Week Two of this series on soul writing. I highly recommend.

As I progressed on my journey, I discovered Louise Hay, extraordinary teacher, healer, speaker, author and queen of positive affirmations. She has become a most inspirational teacher for me.

Please visit her website where you can look through some of her uplifting positive affirmations. Choose a few that resonate with you and begin saying them to yourself every day.

What can you expect positive affirmations to do for you?

Daily positive affirmations can be used to create self-love and to attract the abundance we desire and deserve into our lives. The key is to remain absolutely positive. This can be incredibly challenging.

If you are outwardly saying something positive, but the thought in your mind is contradicting it, the affirmation isn’t going to work. If you notice this happening to you, keep trying. Just as with anything else, it will become easier with practice.

One of my first affirmations was ‘I am Beautiful’.  My journey began a few months before I turned fifty and I was feeling a bit negative about my physical appearance.

Seven months later…I feel beautiful, inside and out. It makes no difference what clothes I have on, if my hair is done or if I am wearing make-up. I love what I see in the mirror!

What if your chosen affirmation is too much for you right now?

That’s totally fine. No worries. Your affirmation just requires a little bit of tweaking. Let’s say you have chosen ‘I love my body’ as your daily positive affirmation, but every time you think or say it, you cringe.

Obviously your mind is not accepting this affirmation as is. You must have at least a modest level of comfort with the thought you are creating. I would adjust this affirmation to ‘I am open to loving my body today’. You could also try ‘I have a healthy body that serves me well’.

Choose one that is acceptable to you now. As you become more comfortable with that thought you can up your game and choose a new affirmation to try.

Maybe you feel like you never have enough money. Affirming these thoughts will surely only bring more lack into your life. This has been a problem for me lately too.

Instead of concentrating on the months or weeks or even days ahead. I say to myself ‘Today I have all the money I need’. When my son asks for something we can’t afford right now, I don’t tell him that we don’t have enough money. I calmly say ‘we will have more money for that next month’ knowing that I am giving my subconscious mind instructions to make that happen.

Along with gratitude and forgiveness, positive affirmations have been working miracles in my life. I hope you have even more success!

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Thank you for reading!

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