About me

Welcome to my blog about finding self-love and deeper connection. I’m Trish and I’m thrilled you’re here! I believe there are no coincidences in life, everything happens for a reason. So, if you are here, it can’t be an accident.

So why am I dipping my toes into the pond we call blogging? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. I want to help. If there is a chance that sharing my experience and personal stories will improve one other life, then it will certainly be worth my time and effort.

If I were to describe myself to you, I might say I’m an eternally grateful mother, book loving introvert and crazy cat lady who happens to be passionate about writing, personal growth as well as sexual health and education.

I believe practicing gratitude and forgiveness will change your life. Be happy now. Why not?

Take off your mask. Let the authentic you shine! Imperfection is part of the human experience. It is something we all share.

By learning to love ourselves without condition, we can then practice empathy toward others.  We can show compassion instead of judgement, knowing that each of us has our own burdens to bear. It makes no difference what those burdens might be, we all matter, each of us is enough, nothing is lacking, every one of us a shining example of glorious imperfection.

Flawed but full of potential!